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Join us for a free monthly potluck, guided conversations, and space to invite more play into our lives. With guest speakers, we will learn and discuss together followed by activities of your choice to engage with your fellow community members. Let us celebrate together. Carry burdens together. Share what’s in our hearts without apology.

‘Belonging’ is a space for folx of all ages, backgrounds, genders, professions, opinions, etc.* to come together on a regular, monthly basis and dissolve the barriers of the identities that seemingly separate us. A space for us to connect as we are- unlike networking events that focus on specific fields of work, professional development or religious context. Here, we can learn to hold space for those beyond our networks and challenge how we see ourselves. Still, we can honor that we can learn from and celebrate one another. As this seed grows, we can come to know and care for each other for who we are rather than what we do. Whether you are looking for a community or to expand your existing ones, this is for you.

*We aim to make this space as safe, inclusive, and accessible as we possibly can- which we are committed to as a continuous, on-going process. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or specific accommodation needs. Priority is given to folx of marginalized communities.

* This is a FREE monthly offering, please RSVP and if unable to attend, please let us know as there is a capacity. Donations are on a sliding scale basis.

* Every gathering will be potluck style, bring a dish to share!

If it is not in your current means to provide, please do not worry! Come as you are.

* We will have a free library at every gathering. You are welcome to bring your books to donate or exchange.

*There is NO parking on Chestnut Place as to be mindful of our neighbors at the Dojo. Park on surrounding streets or walk 8 minutes from Stony Brook T station (orange line). If you would like to attend but are struggling with transportation, please contact us.

*Old Oak Dojo is fully wheelchair accessible. Please let us know ahead of time if you are attending so we can best coordinate with you.

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