A Radical Black Girl production. Inspired by the James Baldwin quote, “The moment we cease to hold each other, the moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out, “When The Sea Rises” is a video performance exploring the importance of keeping faith in one another. This short film features 8 other dancers moving within different spaces confronting the illusion of security and perfection while exposing our weaknesses, fears and shortcomings. Through original poetry written by Destiny Polk, and composed music by Guyclaude Lacossade, When The Sea Rises tells a story of not giving up on each other despite how hard and how heavy life can get. The premiere of this film couldn’t be any more timely, it is a reflection of this pivotal moment in America’s History. We cannot afford to give up now. // Featured at the 4th Annual ILLUMINUS Festival in historical Downtown Boston November 2018

Black Butterfly is a story of struggle, renewal and triumph, told through original poetry and movement. It is a three part photo and video series that moves through darkness, stillness and taking flight -- a process of self actualization that inspires and resonates with many. Destiny Polk, dancer, poet, creative director and founder of Radical Black Girl hopes her intimate story of healing will call others out of their personal darkness into the sacredness of stillness and further towards the freedom of taking flight. // Featured at RESIST(D)ANCE: November 2017 - Oberon Theater in Cambridge


Seed of Osun acts as both a Mobile and Stationary apothecary, seeking to invoke traditional medicine of the African Diaspora. Using ancestor reverence and Afro- Native indigenous folk medicine rootwork as the center we believe that any community-spiritual intervention must contain a healing component that allows the full spectrum of the human condition to be addressed, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances that manifest as a result of oppression, colonialism, and generational trauma. September 2018

Affirmation is a poem by New York City based artist, Akiena Louis. Through this visual, we follow along her journey of affirming and reclaiming: “I am everything I need”.

Akiena is the author of  "My Inside Thoughts Are Poetry", a poetry collection of 100 plus poems that gives insight on the authors experiences of love, spirituality, and her thoughts on society. Akiena's passionate words forces her readers to think deeper than what is surfaced taking them on a journey through life and existing. // August 2018


Scenes from Bogotá and Santa Marta, Colombia. From the sunshine to the culture and kindness of the people- being there felt like being touched by gold. Shot on iPhone 6S. Song: Gold - James Vincent McMorrow (I do not own the rights ) // Jan. 2018

A beautiful November day in New York City’s Central Park. One of the best things about solo-traveling is the stillness you’re able to experience. With no agenda and no rush to get anything done- it’s just you and the world co-existing in perfect bliss. // Nov. 2017

Created and directed by Key’Aira Lockett: Dinner with Key is a web-series that features local artists of color in the Boston, MA area. This started out as a fun and informal experiment that quickly turned into a purposeful space that could drive and inspire a community of young entrepreneurs, artist, and millennials of color. Our hope is for folx to realize and see that there’s no one way of becoming, but many ways. Follow your instincts and walk in your truth!